My name is Nikki Jackson-Sagirius and I am the creator of Sip and Social Austin. Sip and Social Austin is a Natural Hair Care and Wellness Event that is hosted annually in Austin. I've had the pleasure of working with Shametra as a lead volunteer at my event. Her expertise and professionalism are impeccable and spot on. She has excellent attention to detail and organisational skills that assisted in me producing a success event. I highly recommend Shametra for your needs as an Event Planner or Assistant.
Nikki Jackson-Sagirius/ Creator of Sip and Social Austin
"At first I had no idea who it was, but every morning I woke up, I saw notification of this person sharing every single social media post we ever posted. Sometimes my fingers would have just released the post and bam. She reposted. I had to speak to her. I found she was a Runway Curls ambassador and she went in hard for us. Her passion and dedication to the movement was consistent and riveting to say the least. Her aim was to share our message to the world. And that she did."
Mushiya / Founder of Runway Curls & Star Of WeTv Cutting It In The ATL
"Hosting and event planing can be stressful and not to mention promoting your event. Sometimes you have to tap into your resources to get the right help at the right time. I connected with the lovely Shametra McGregor founder of What's a Go. She specialize in event planning and promoting events. She assisted me with my first solo event in April of this year. She was on point at all times. My event was a huge success because of the services she provided which went well beyond business to a more person level in terms of encouragement and inspiration. She arrived at the venue and she was on top of every little detail before I could think of things she was bringing them to my attention and solving problems. I highly recommend Shametra she is the "go to girl" when it comes to event planing, hosting, and promoting events anywhere no matter how big or small. She was very instrumental in the success of the event."
Glam Gladiator, “Curls, Conversation, & Cocktails
As we all know , opening a small business can be a little horrific. I too was extremely hesitant but due to the professionalism , social gem expertise and fashion show management skills that Shametra offered , my first year in business was nothing shy of amazing. With-in 60 days of our partnership, my social media awareness increased from 200 to 620 followers, Instagram and twitter business accounts were created and closely managed to ensure proper target clients were being reached. She's one of the best in the Austin metro area! If you're serious about succeeding in your new or existing business she's the RIGHT ONE FOR YOUR TEAM!  I can honestly say that even though she has given me my wings to fly I will always keep her near!
Shameka B. McClain / Esuberante Boutique